Permitting flexible height means that we can avoid worrying about over long link titles (3 or 4 words), as the menu will accomodate. How do you make a horizontal list Center and UL? Vertically Align Text Center with CSS line-height Property. To center our box we use the align-items property to align our item on the cross axis, which in this case is the block axis running vertically. This design shows the proposed roadway location in relation to the existing terrain and adjacent land conditions. But for now this will do! Method 1: Make a List Horizontal using display Property In HTML, every element has a default display type which can be block or inline-block or inline . . Firstly, the menu1 id must have the following: position: flex; background-image: url(images/exampleon.jpg); When you set the display property of a list item to inline-block or inline, it only takes up as much space as it requires, therefore, the list automatically becomes horizontal. ul.nav li { display: inline-block; } ). For example, use md:items-center to apply the items-center utility at only medium screen sizes and above. Ask Question Asked today. Text based means slightly better SEO and Accessibility as well. How can we prove that the supernatural or paranormal doesn't exist? @David along with the css turn off point that Chris pointed out, I would also suggest it is more semantic than other suggestions as with a lot of navigations, all you would require is the ul and li and it saves using other divs etc. Horrible! How do I align the menu so that both spaces are even. One question Chris why do you need to use lists for this? I see your point now Ill keep that in Mind for CSS Naked Day. ) yet that alters the behaviour drastically and/or puts a gap infront of each list item. ul>, and font-size: whatever on the , so the gap will be rendered as 0 pixels wide. The closes I can get is using tabe/t-row/t-cell (anyone noticed if you set display:block, then display: table IE6 seems to respond to the table? The